Five tips for seducing a woman with body language

We often hear about body language in seduction. And force is to recognize that body language is a very effective weapon in the art of approaching women. It allows you to say a lot without even having to open your mouth – and so without saying enormously that would make everything fall apart!

What is body language?

Your attitude alone can express your anger, your joy, your worry, or your surprise. In the same way, you can return the image of a nice person, fun, confident, and affordable to perfect your panoply of the proven seducer.

Thus, during the process of seduction, it is proven that 80% of your communication is nonverbal. Admit that, said like that, it makes you want to be interested in the gestures. So, since there is no need to have a chat to seduce, what are the secrets of a good body language?

1. Do not neglect non-verbal communication

Have you ever had that feeling of enjoying someone without even talking to them? That he/she seemed to invite you to meet in a friendly and almost irresistible way? That’s the effect of a controlled body language!

Believe it or not, most of your communication is gestural or bodily. Depending on the subject and the pressure felt by the person you are talking to, your body sends different signals that can be translated by your entourage in the blink of an eye.

To seduce a woman, you must work on your stature and your presence to return the image of a confident and friendly man. You must learn to turn your body language into an advantage. By sending the right message, you are already doing most of the work.

This image of yourself is more important than your speech, so do not fish with excessive shyness. From today, you have no excuse to concretize your approaches no longer!

2. Stand up straight to “clear something”

Your posture is the first thing a woman will notice at home. You can wear a suit Armani 3 pieces or have the latest fashion haircut; if you’re curled up in your corner, tense on the glass you just ordered looking anxiously around you without speaking, you will seduce nobody.

No, you have to stand up straight, look confident, and interact with the people around you. No matter how you approach them, what matters is to show that you are part of the environment in which you operate. You are not an intruder.

Practice not bending your back, keeping your shoulders straight and your head high. Do not look at your shoes: you have laces, they will not go trunk without you! Regular stretching of the neck and shoulder muscles can help if you naturally tend to hold your head. And if it seems trivial, believe me, it can affect your power of seduction.

3. Know how to establish eye contact

Many men flee eye contact when they try to flirt because the latter destabilizes them. Being nervous when talking to a woman is quite natural, but eye contact is paramount. After all, do not people say that they are the reflection of the soul? Be that as it may, your gaze allows you to communicate in a much more meaningful way than the word, do not forget it!

If you are a little shy, practice always looking people in the eye when you talk to them: family, friends, teachers. Make your everyday life your “boot camp” to master in the art of seduction!

4. Always stay optimistic and positive

date with a woman

See the glass half full and not half empty, it’s essential! Staying optimistic and positive in all situations is a critical element in attracting women. Nobody is interested in a stuck person grumbling in his corner.

A big smile, even towards the least receptive people, will make you look confident and sure of you. It’s straightforward and very effective! If you pay attention, you will see that the most attractive women are often surrounded by men displaying their joie de vivre. So rejoice, and stop making faces!

5. Stand out to become the Alpha Man

Here is another concept often mentioned in the world of seduction. Strength and confidence generally define the Alpha Man: the one who stands out from the pack and leads the dance. Being an Alpha does not mean being aggressive or disdainful, but merely showing that you do not suffer from competition from other men.

Women systematically seek out this type of leader when they meet a group of men. So you know what you have to do!

Make sure to appear reassured and show your self-esteem. Cultivate the image of manhood without being arrogant. Women are not attracted to men who are afraid to approach them or talk to them. An Alpha Man is strong, takes risks, and does not fear failure because he learns from his mistakes, and knows how to handle this type of situation with humor. Nothing impossible to cultivate, therefore!

As you can see, to seduce a woman, it is not enough to have an overflowing imagination and to be a professional of the blah. We often meet men who know very well how to express themselves but who do not insure behind. This is where you stand out: words will be the last of your worries because by becoming the Alpha Man, relying on your charisma and body language, you can seduce women without even opening their mouths!

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